Mutcho Burundi drummers, lagacy for new generation

March 12, 2018 Janvier Nahimana No comments exist

Burundi drummers at Africa Night 2018

This year’s theme is Cheza Ngoma, a Swahili phrase that translates roughly to ‘beat the drums’. Drums, for example, the Talking Drum of Western Africa, are used for celebrations, rituals, announcements and communication in a wide range and variety of African tribes, countries and ethnic groups.
As part of our acknowledgment of the International Decade for POAD and drawing on these themes of communication and celebration we want to use this year’s Africa Night to acknowledge and draw attention to members of the African diaspora (and those who have lived, and are living on the continent) who have inspired others and contributed towards a brighter global society through their efforts. We honour their sacrifices and bang the drum to announce their accomplishments.

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