MUTCHO Magazine business plan

MUTCHO means Culture & traditions in an African language

Culture is the 'way of life' human knowledge.
Tradition is a belief or behaviour passed down within a group or society
That who we are. Let's open a conversation and learn from each other

Innovative concept. You can listen to the online audio, streaming live, in your car via google car play by TuneIn. Anytime anywhere.
Listen to Mutcho radio on your mobile phone, tablet, computer. Podcast download to listen off line. The future for the radio is Mobility.
We meet people and open a conversation for an inclusive community. All background community members, kids, women, Black Nova Scotians, First Nations, government, MLA, businesses... First over all we are community members.
We are looking for a partnership to open a creative studio and record guests voices, mix live to recorded messages for a more captives show to our listeners.

Mutcho Multimedia Magazine is based on voices recorded for Mutcho radio a community voices media. From audio we edit content for the magazine. A QR code link to online audio and open an audio to listen from peoples interviewed. It's a innovative way to make the multimedia magazine.
We design a flip online magazine to give more interactive opportunities to our readers. Read access audio content and more.
Advertiser can include links, audio and video in there ad. We can share using our emailing, social media and our partners network.
It has been a dream for me the use my multimedia experience to connect peoples. Now when I listen to all those people who come to my microphone and share their stories, I am encouraged that it was a needed project. I want to give back and teach young generation and build a legacy. How many miles, hours volunteering, meeting community members and record their messages?
“Dream is not which you see while sleeping, it is something that does not let you sleep”
Janvier Nahimana
Manager and Founder

All ages using phone, tablet, computer, listen in car

The most effective advertising strategies
is combining print and digital media.
Mutcho Mag: Printed Multi-media Magazine QR code to audio + your ad
Mutcho Flip: digital media link, audio. video call-to-action+ your ad
What's the magazine's circulation? 1000 copies
What are the demographics of the readers? All generations
How often is the magazine published? 3 times year 2020
How is it distributed? Identified places and via an online mailing list
What are the special sections or themes planned for the year?
1. Halifax multicultural city
2. Climate change and Me
3. We are change makers
Better visibility in search results: 3 In one. Read-Listen-Flip
We will link the ad to a QR code to open landing page, social links in your listing social media and multimedia access based on interactive pdf
Showcase unique marketing options: statistics via Google analytics
We offer special positioning in the publication
Inside the front cover, on the back cover, or within the first few pages of the book as prime locations for ads
On a right-hand page
Full half of page, different sizes
on a left-hand page
frequency discount
We can design your magazine ad
We accept Hight resolution images, pdf, link on your website, social media.
Online Flip Magazine link


On request I can come to show a printed layout.
Janvier Nahimana 902 580 1180