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I started Mutcho radio, as a media based on community voices and world music. This is Diversity and inclusion opportunity to share a common ground and strong connections.
We all have a story to tell,
Your voice, my voice
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Janvier Nahimana believes that volunteering is a glue that ties communities together. He founded Mutcho Radio to give voice to his community in Halifax, Nova Scotia and to connect people from different walks of life. Janvier does not miss a chance to struck a conversation whenever an opportunity presents itself. Sharing stories is his way of celebrating life. Janvier’s background is in arts and multimedia. He built his career as a multimedia professional, photographer, Web and Graphic designer travelling around Europe. He worked five years as a communication manager at the Centre national de coopération au dévelopment in Belgium and was the cofounder and Art Director of the community journal director IWACU Burundi. Janvier is now based in Halifax since 2014. He worked at the African Diaspora Association of the Maritimes (ADAM) and with the support from African Nova Scotian affairs, he created the Mutcho Cultural group, a non-profit organization to develop a project in celebration of the Decade of People of African Descent (DPAD). Janvier Nahimana holds a Master’s degree in Arts from Moscow Arts Academy, and has certificates in Leadership and Project Management.

Originally from Burundi, I immigrated to Canada from Belgium and I have since started Mutcho Cultural Group and Mutcho radio. Those are my accomplishments and why it matters to me to volunteer my time. 

To me, volunteer is giving back to the community and not only means that I belong to it, but that I also have a role to play. Cultural expression brings people together and makes communities stronger. 

To me, volunteering It's being able to help. Someone in the community may need support and we all have the power to help.

I think we learn from each other about what our passions could be and how to be a force for good. If you are open to conversation and are ready to serve your community, making connections becomes easy. 

Volunteering bridges neighbours and communities. I started Mutcho Radio to give voice to our community and to connect people from different walks of life. And that's how I hope to give back: through the sharing of stories.

Janvier Nahimana
Mutcho radio Manager




In 2016, I started Mutcho Cultural Group, which connects African women who are immigrants and refugees, as well as kids, to develop cultural expression through dance and drumming. In partnership with Halifax Public Libraries, supported by TD, we performed six shows in different libraries across the city. I think it was the best way to bring joy to our community and bring people together in a hugely positive way. At the end of each performance, we invited Canadians to join us and dance together. What made my day each time, and continues to make my day, was the look on the faces of young refugees participating and celebrating an important part of who they are.

I'm very excited to say that our Group has been invited to perform at the Fusion Halifax Festival this year. We also had the absolute pleasure recently of launching African Heritage Month at CTV Morning Live in Halifax. During the 2017 African Heritage Month, Mutcho lined up 12 all-women performances featuring dance and drumming. 

Donna Nicholson of Halifax Central Library shared kind words with us after one of the performances:

"It was a fantastic performance and I really enjoyed the spirit and energy you brought into the library. It was wonderful to see youth and children as a part of your group as well - we believe at the library, we have so much to learn from sharing between generations and between cultures! It was an honor to have you here!" 

In addition to Mutcho, with the sponsorship of African Nova Scotian Affairs, I started The Burundi Drummers group, a youth team that performs at festivals and community events. I also organized for five schools to learn drumming and dance for last year's African Heritage Month. Through these efforts, 800 kids participated, and was it ever an amazing experience to see their talent come to life. For this year's African Heritage Month, I plan to join the Drummers and perform at an African book launch at Halifax North Library.

  • Do you have a story to tell? This is your radio. Culture connects People.
  • Avez-vous une histoire à reconter? Mutcho est votre radio. La Culture nous rassemble.
  • Broadcast live your event and share on Social media, on mobile & computer.
  • Du matériel de diffusion en direct pour la promotion de votre événement et partager via les réseaux sociaux.

Mutcho Radio Is a Mutcho Studio Production in partnership with MUTCHO Cultural Group.

As Multimedia professional; Janvier Nahimana designed the Radio, recording voices, design the website and photography.

We are looking for a support, founding to create a team and open more opportunities to meet more people and build a communty based on deversity, knwowing each other.
902 580 1180

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