Mutcho culture radio is a vehicle for the community to cultural openness. Freedom of speech.

We record community voices and organize talks for knowing ou Neighbours and share stories between generations?
We exposure arts and culture to a large community. Mutcho radio is a window to the multicultural word.


I am the founder of Mutcho cultural Group
I am grateful for the dancers and drummers who work hard to exposure African culture to Nova Scotia. Thanks to all who invited us for performances?
Mutcho Cultural Group becomes a collaborative platform, we welcome all artists to share their creations, experience and promote together events and concerts.
I started Mutcho radio, as a media based on community voices and world music. This is Diversity and inclusion opportunity to share a common ground and strong connections.
We all have a story to tell,
Your voice, my voice
We community

Janvier Nahimana
Event and media coordinator
Mutcho cultural Group

  • Do you have a story to tell? This is your radio. Culture connects People.
  • Avez-vous une histoire à reconter? Mutcho est votre radio. La Culture nous rassemble.
  • Broadcast live your event and share on Social media, on mobile & computer.
  • Du matériel de diffusion en direct pour la promotion de votre événement et partager via les réseaux sociaux.

Mutcho Radio Is a NOVACREA Production in partnership with MUTCHO Cultural Group.

As Multimedia professional; Janvier Nahimana designed the Radio, recording voices, design the website and photography.

We are looking for a support, founding to create a team and open more opportunities to meet more people and build a communty based on deversity, knwowing each other.


Janvier Nahimana
902 580 1180